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Seo Placement

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More visibility to your website

A good plan for placement on search engines is what you need to increase contacts and visits to your site and increase your online business.

Why a plan engine positioning?

Over 70% of users who surf the web using a search engine and of these more than 70% do not consult more than 2 pages of research. That's why it becomes essential to be among the first two pages of organic results, to increase its visibility on the web, to increase visits to your site to reach those who might not know you but is trying to sell a product or service you offer .

Who benefits?

If you plan to increase visits to your website and thereby increase contacts and potential clients to your site requires a placement on search engines, first of all Google, with specific keywords, the result of careful quantitative and qualitative analysis.
To increase the visibility of your website in major search engines and traffic profit, reaching a specific target and implementing profits Imaya offers services geared to the maximum return on investments in online marketing including:

  • Market analysis;
  • Analysis of traffic and visitor behavior;
  • Optimization of the website according to the objectives set.

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