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Seo Optimization

In order to achieve high rankings on search engines you must make a series of modifications and optimizations of the site in all its parts. Years ago to get a good ranking was sufficient to fill the keywords tag with a series of keywords with which you want to be searched. Over time, however, this procedure so simple became a tool of spam that quickly filled with engine indexes sites that appeared on the front page very often with high-traffic keyword but that had nothing of relevance to the actual site content. The advent of Google and its policy of indexing this scenario changed dramatically with new parameters and filters very powerful to see these banned numerous sites in a short time, even authoritative.

SEO, search engine optimization, became a science and a profession at the same time, a set of techniques designed to make a site attractive to search engines and to ensure their own longevity. Those involved with planning the SEO optimization of a website after a careful analysis of the keywords you choose, quantitative and qualitative analysis to know the words once more try and between those most relevant to the content of the site to optimizing and target in relation to objectives.

The optimization of a website includes actions on the code, metadata, and content of the site, in compliance with a particular range within which you must keep if we are to achieve a good ranking and avoid "keyword stuffing.

Below the main stages of a search engine optimisation plan:

1. Define objectives;
2. Code optimization and content;
3. Link popularity;
4. Monitoring.

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