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Search Engine Marketing

In recent years, thanks to the spread of broadband and PCs affordable, we have witnessed a considerable increase of the user of the Internet. In recent years we have witnessed a growing interest in search engines, especially Google, which has imposed a new concept of search engine based on quality and ease of use.

Nearly 70% of those who surf the web using a search engine and of these, almost 80% in Italy, use Google. For several years, moreover, most of them have started using a series of very useful tools that Google has offered an entirely free to users, in exchange for a loyalty that has allowed Big G to reach the top of the engines most important research, surpassing Yahoo.

The consequence of this has been a shift of interest of firms to new unconventional marketing tools that enable them to convey their brand and their products to highly targeted audiences. Born on search engine marketing, a set of strategies to generate traffic profile through search engine positioning and channel SEA, the search engine advertising, commonly known as keyword advertising (Adwords for example).

The effectiveness of a campaign of search engine marketing campaigns is higher than conventional promotional message as the user encounters when he himself is to ask, and then in a moment of motivation to purchase product or strong propensity for same. That's why campaigns positioning on search engines and keyword advertising, if planned by web agency with some experience, can achieve ROI high, high economic returns compared with investment content.

The power and versatility of search engine marketing campaigns have attracted increasing investments in this sector, with the ability to monitor a statistically conversion to the objectives set for a given investment, and thus the possibility of real-time evaluation of a certain promotional campaign, an element of turning point for companies increasingly focused on cost optimization.

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