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Imagine you are in a well-known historical city center, in a crowded street. A constant bustle of people who tramples on the sidewalk, cross the street, talking on the phone and looks at the windows. Imagine that one of these windows to be your own and showing the public a product or service that identifies your business. The window is your website, the crowded street is represented by search engines, the first of Google, which owns almost 80% of users using a search engine for their searches. People passing by the window is the set of users using an engine like Google to do their research on the web. But to actually do business should be that your site is visible, capable of reaching the right audience ready to buy your goods and services. Without visibility your site is comparable to an empty room whose products are not watched by anyone.

Seoethic is a project aimed at those who want to gain visibility on the web using the channel of the search engines. Who really wants to know this fascinating mechanism to promote and wants to invest in the business of business. Be present on the search engines today becomes essential not only for the tourism stakeholders who derive more profit from the web but also for individuals and companies who want to increase their contacts. Seeothic offers consulting services related to the promotion of websites on search engines, recommend the best way to achieve your objectives by taking into account your budget.

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